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Nowadays fashion encloses numerous fields of arts related directly or indirectly to the industry. The project presents 13 artists unique experience and understanding of fashion. The aim of this project is to create new collaboration possibilities between fashion designers and artists, as well as to present new ways of expressing fashion.

  • Atis Jākobsons [lv]
    • Atis Jākobsons [lv]

    • „Someone felt something pure”
    • Atis has created triptych paintings in collaboration with other Latvian fashion designers. The portraits are inspired by fashion. They emphasise the senses, inner creation, peace and excitement of the models. Three paintings and three different personalities.. and interaction with the garment they are wearing.
    • atis.jakobsons@gmail.com
  • Maija Kurševa [lv]
    • Maija Kurševa [lv]

    • Maija Kurševa, one of the most talented Latvian modern artists, is known for bizarre paintings and installations. The cartoon characters come from her own life experience. By drawing she writes her own biography.
    • “Periphery”
    • “We heard about a mountain, where the beautiful and strong live. They have what also we want to have. Young, delicate, blond and bold. We saw her! OMG! They saw her. You’re so like her!” says Maija about her work.
    • www.kurseva.first.lv
  • Reinis Liepa, Kristaps Krievs, Jeffrey Stephen Miller [lv]

    • Reinis Liepa, Kristaps Krievs, Jeffrey Stephen Miller [lv]

    • A collaboration between three artists – Reinis Liepa, Kristaps Krievs and Jeffrey Stephen Miller. All related by pleasure of art-making process. Kristaps is a musician, Jeff is known for his ceramic installations & Reinis is a painter in the category of realism.
    • “That’s art of making”
    • The artists have created an installation aiming to incorporate in their piece both – the problem and the solution at the same time. The base line of the art work is the process with maximum joy and interest capacity that is veiled in the creation process leaving the result for the spectators.
    • www.jeffreystephenmiller.com
    • www.reinisliepa.wordpress.com
  • Indriķis Ģelzis[lv]
    • Indriķis Ģelzis [lv]

    • Indriķis is a young and strong artist who has already proved himself in video installations. By working with raw materials and catching it all on camera he plays tricks with our minds forcing us to rethink art as we know it. Indriķis this time has chosen an unusual direction – sculpture&sound.
    • “Banned from the road”
    • In his words about the art-work “Banned from the road”: We are few participants on this track. Each of them sees me in a personal way. What does it mean? Do they divide me in separate persons? As many participants, that many persons inside of me? Forms a united, one-way road that goes from outside to inside, from the participants to me. It is forbidden for me to move along this road because I just cannot step out of inside and look on myself from the outside.
  • Ieva Kaula, Lita Liepa, Atis Jākobsons [lv]
    • Ieva Kaula, Lita Liepa, Atis Jākobsons [lv]

    • Ieva Kaula and Lita Liepa – they both seek their inspiration in everyday life and in the weird & mystic; while making their projects they often experiment with all kinds of materials and media.
    • “INVASION”
    • Camera can create another world, unusual place that is cluttered with memories of time.It will live forever over our lives to see the future. As never ending loop looking for an answers.
  • Ilze Vanaga [lv]
    • Ilze Vanaga [lv]

    • Ilze Vanaga is a photographer with a unique sense for objects, places and people. She stops the time with one click and makes the static photos look alive.
    • “Olympic portraits”
    • “Those are five “Olympic Portraits”. And that is my personal behest for [Moment] – to obtain a multicultural turnaround,” describes Ilze.
  • Marin Sild inc. with Piret Puppart [ee]
    • Marin Sild inc. with Piret Puppart [ee]

    • After graduating Estonian Academy of Arts´ fashion department Marin Sild poured her knowledge of fashion and merit of photographing people into fashion photography. Now she works as a freelance photographer, content with the direction she has chosen. Her mission is to create a special atmosphere between her art and the observer giving more than you just see or sense.
      Piret Puppart is a versatile Estonian designer active in both fields of fashion – fashion industry and personal design. As Monton womens’ wear designer, she has developed a special relationship with up-to date fashion, living and breathing it on daily basis and finding it a constant challenge to create something „generally pleasing to the eye“. Lately she has been dedicated to preserving and collecting ethnical clothing.
    • „The Fall“
    • With an extensive history their cooperation has resulted in many exhibitions. Through the photo installation „The Fall“ the authors want to address fashion on many levels, starting with irony and ending with how fashion would look face down.
  • Kate Krolle [lv]
    • Kate Krolle [lv]

    • Kate Krolle (1984/Latvia) is a visual artist who works using multiple mediums, which are determined as an engine to express power of internal sense. In 2010 she completed her MA studies in the visual arts. The main subject in her works and acts describes the internal human condition characterized by alienation from so called reality.
    • “We used to live a private life”
    • All the lights are turned on. Today I don’t give answers. Cause in the end you are at your own.
    • katekrolle@gmail.com