Tallinn / September 16

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fashion shows

Tradition obliges, there is no fashion without shows. But at MOMENT, we love to reinvent ourselves and this is only one of our differences…

  • Elīna Dobele [lv]
    • Elīna Dobele [lv]

    • Elina Dobele, an architect, with passion for design and footwear, is the creator of ZoFA.
    • “ZoFA”
    • ZoFA is the first design footwear label in the Baltic States. Created in2009, the label gained pronounced publicity in Latvia. In 2010 ZoFA opened new sales points around the world and an atelier in Riga in the beginning of the year. Outstanding, timeless, functional design of ZoFA shoes is based on the vision of Elina using only hand crafting techniques . “As an architect, when designing shoes, I search for the beauty of function; a different language of form and a sustainable process of whole production,” adds Elina.
    • www.zofa.lv
  • Harald Lunde Helgesen [no]
    • Harald Lunde Helgesen [no]

    • Harald Lunde Helgesen is an awarded fashion designer at the Festival International de Mode et de Photographiet Hyères. Creates individual collections under his own name, but frequently also collaborates with other artists; Helgesen also has a London-based menswear fashion label called HLH.
    • „Palimpsests”
    • In his collection Harald explores the concept of palimpsests, ancient manuscripts which had the original writing erased to make room for new text, though the earlier content is still traceable underneath. What is more, the artist’s idea is re-contextualized as a cross section of his wardrobe history that carries inherent memories, meanings and purposes.
    • www.hlh.no
  • Katyusha as Me [ee]
    • Katyusha as Me [ee]

    • Kätlin Kaljuvee is an established Estonian illustrator and fashion designer. After several years of working as a ladieswear designer in India and in apparel brand Monton she recently launched her very own personal fashion project – Katyusha as Me, inspired by her distinctive style of illustrations.
    • “The Story of Psyche”
    • The first collection of illustrated silk print dresses will be shown in Moment week in Tallinn. Be prepared for some extraordinarily delicate pattern mixing!
    • www.katyushasme.com
  • Marit Ilison [ee]
    • Marit Ilison [ee]

    • Marit Ilison is a freelance fashion designer with great passion for pattern making and concepts. Her project Lúmine has gained recognition not only in Estonia, but also abroad. Marit has most recently been selected to be the opening act of Europe’s largest e-culture festival STRP 2010 in Eindhoven, Holland.
    • The project is a conceptual fashion piece dealing with the absorption of values and information noise from the surrounding environment like mass media, politics, etc. that one can either accept or deny. The material expression of the project signifies certain values and mind patterns one’s subconscious unconsciously absorbs from the environment and takes on in one’s life, thus slowly losing one’s true self and inner identity. It is also taking a critical glance to the act of a catwalk presentation itself.
    • www.maritilison.com
  • Siri Sveen Haaland [no]
    • Siri Sveen Haaland [no]

    • Siri Sveen Haaland always had a great passion for creating both fashion and music. Her skill and interests in music is something she has constantly used as inspirational source through all of her design assignments. In her own words: “I am just a Norwegian Rat from the country side of the west coast of Norway. I live to create”.
    • „Norwegian Rat”
    • Siri about her collection: “This is the couture branch of my own label is called Norwegian Rat. Rattus Norvegicus, also known as the brown rat, is the most successful mammal on earth (right after us homo sapiens). They live color blind in the dark underground. Sneaking around right under our feet, finding new solutions to survive every day. This collection reflects the obscure sides of Norway and on making clothing as intelligent as the Norwegian Rat itself”.
    • www.siri-sh.com
  • Xenia Joost [ee]
    • Xenia Joost [ee]

    • Xenia Joost is a well-known Estonian fashion designer, currently working as Head of Design for the leading Estionian fashion brand Ivo Nikkolo, Estonian leading fashion brand, and also runs her own personal exclusive brand “Xenia Joost”. According to Xenia creation and artist can exist only if there is the viewer, if there is a person who sees and appreciates the artist. It is like a constant cooperation between the spectator and the creator. Above all Xenia appreciates the harmony, which in her opinion represents perfection, or as she puts it herself: “A dress can wear a woman or a woman can wear a dress, but the best is the synergy and harmony between the two.”
    • Fall/Winter collection
    • Xenia Joost is showing a Fall/Winter collection of her own personal line. The whole collection is a story about time where the central attention is on the accentuated waist-line and the feminine silhouette of the1940s and ‘50s. Designer uses vintage-elements in the collection in order to bring out the time dimension of fashion. She gives new life and meaning to the authentic vintage belts and bags, emphasizing that though fashion has its time dimension, then style is always timeless. And from that moment when the design finds its owner, we can already talk about style…
    • www.xeniajoost.com