Tallinn / September 16

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  • Arvils Linde [lv]
    • Arvils Linde [lv]

    • Arvils Linde, currently a student at the Art Academy of Latvia, is a savage artist and decent fashion designer at the same time. Transformations and mutations of classical dress – an endless search for sometimes mad innovations. Using historical elements as well as maintaining timeless techniques, values and high quality are his characteristics… Interplay of classical and casual style elements without losing the elegance is a common theme throughout his collections.
    • „ The Immaterial Wolfman”
    • The main aim is to show the symbiotic relation between the personality of the dress, and the personality of its wearer. Arvils in his work shows that a specific dress can hold, and calm down even the most savage beast, but at the same time the beast will remain a beast, so the only way to survive is to melt both together, thus creating something entirely new.
    • linarv@hotmail.com
  • Jānis Šnē [lv]
    • Jānis Šnē [lv]

    • Jānis Šnē is a young fashion artist from Riga, currently studying at Art Academy of Latvia in fashion department. The Self motivated artist is being inspired by studying the structure of garments and by the geometrical forms, which’s recreation results into a completely new piece of art and gives a completely individual character to it.
    • „Blood vessels”
    • Jānis about his artwork: “Blood vessels make up a network in our bodies where everything is in constant movement. This installation serves as a vessel in which my ideas and point of view are brought to you. It’s about the blood vessels.”
    • janis.sne@inbox.lv
  • Sabīne Skarule [lv]
    • Sabīne Skarule [lv]

    • Sabīne Skarule is a young and very talented fashion designer, currently a student at he Latvian Academy of Arts. Her collection “Cage” ( a parody on ancient theme of everybody living in their own box that they’re afraid to look out of) gained great recognition.
    • Other side
    • Her collection is based on personal inspiration that comes from discovering interaction between the environment and the boundaries of human exterior. It shapes a new landscape, form, space.
    • sskarule@gmail.com
  • Anna Axonova [ee]
    • Anna Axonova [ee]

    • After graduating from Estonian Academy of Arts in 2009 Anna used to be a freelance fashion designer hand in hand with illustrating work. Her biggest ventures include working with ReUse Republic´s sustainable fashion consept and HULA´s re-design project. Since july 2011 she joined her unconventional handwriting and talent with fashion company Baltika Group, but carries on her personal arts and fashion projects at the same time.
    • “Shirt Transform”
    • Anna about her art-work: „My works name is “Shirt Transform” – this is a result of my previous cooperations with different sustainable fashion projects.“
  • Joanna Kivihall [ee]
    • Joanna Kivihall [ee]

    • Joanna Kivihall is a MA student in the Estonian Academy of Arts where for a couple of years already she has been focusing on knitwear.
    • In MOMENT Joanna is also showing a knitwear design, just this time around she is trying to work with knit as it would be fabric.
  • Kairi Lentsius inc. with Kadi Paasik [ee]
    • Kairi Lentsius inc. with Kadi Paasik [ee]

    • Kairi Lentsius is a third year textile student at Tartu Art College. Previously she has been working as an intern in London at a small sustainable fashion design company Partimi and at the moment Kairi is doing her internship in Ivo Nikkolo. In her designs she appreciates quality and esthetics the most, as this is what gives the value and soul to the garment. Kairi´s fashion is about using it as a device for the person to express oneself and by that creating emotions, memories and networks.Kadi Paasik is a last year leather design student in Tartu Art College. A dream to make her own shoes became a reality while studying footwear design as an exchange student in Finland in autumn-winter 2010. In this summer, Kadi did her internship at Estonian Design House, in the studio of leather designer Stella Soomlais. While designing leather accessories, she emphasizes clean look and high quality with fresh and youthful details. She aims accessories to be functional and in harmony with the wearer´s lifestyle.
    • The piece presented at MOMENT is a collaboration between two young designers, namely Kadi Paasik´s handmade leather shoes are combined with Kairi Lentsius´s garments. The ensemble is a sequel of the collection „Our Lady of Paris“, presented this spring. The theme was inspired by gothic architecture next to an image of a classy and at the same time bohemian Parisian lady. Kairi and Kadi always prefer working with natural materials.
    • kairilentsius.daportfolio.com