Tallinn / September 16

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what is [your] fashion?

“I like beauty, purity and compassion. I am inspired by peace and white canvas. Every time there are new topics, I go back to the old ones. Often it is a different type of nature.” [Reinis Liepa]

“If fashion was a bullet, and this bullet would hit the bullseye, I would be the gun.” [Indriķis Ģelzis]

“My fashion is passion for things and places that is not fashion actually.” [Ieva Kaula]

“My fashion is a carousel of mood and things that affect me and at the end they are joined in an unusual black colour.” [Lita Liepa]

“Fashion is a moment in time and space, a mood that you want to identify with. Our fashion is sound that is brought by the particular moment.” [Mionia]

“A correction made by me. :) “ [Sabīne Skarule]

“Feelings and surprises.” [Gaserata]

“On any of those boring grey days turning on a colourful fashion TV channel almost certainly guarantees a quick improvement of the mood. Fashion also inspires us to be creative and brave musically. We tend to mix the ascetic with a little bit of kitsch, avoiding trends and everything that is considered boring.” [Tramplīni]

“Just like music, I believe fashion being almost like a mirror or an extension of one’s soul and personality that can both inspire, inform and excite or on the contrary – bore, everything and everyone around you. I see it as a design based communication art form providing endless enrichment possibilities for your everyday life and definitely one of my own personal passions. Everything I wear sends a message or tells a story in one way or another. Fashion makes the world a much more fun and exciting place to be for sure. And I love the überbitchy stereotypical attitude that intertwines everything that is a part of the fashion dimension.” [DJ Brain]

“What is fashion? For me its a mood of the time we live in. It’s the way to express ourselves in our time and for fashion designer it’s always connected with the cloth, fabric, cuts.” [Kätlin Kaljuvee]

“What is my fashion? An island where the concept meets the soul, where tailoring is 
shaped with minimalism, where the dark comes before light.” [Marit Ilison]

“Fashion means that something has its time dimension. It’s extremely drastic in today´s world where fashion has hastened, quality and practicality have been sacrificed to the speed and uniqueness and meaning have forced to the background. The designers of fast fashion use an expression that by the time you´ve created something, it´s already out of fashion. The whole situation is the result of the rapid development of the industry in the 20th century.” [Xenia Joost]

“Fashion is fun.” [Anna Axonova]

“Fashion is… a game in making the best choices at the right moment.” [Joanna Kivihall]

“For me fashion always is and should be an emotion of beauty in the sense of beauty 
equalizing with compositional harmony.” [Piret Puppart]

“My fashion is all about expressing myself through different materials and techniques. For me, accessories are the cherries on top of the cake, without them, a look can never be consistent.” [Kadi Paasik]

“Fashion for me means the whole perception of life. Being true to my vision, being responsible for the quallity and production process, being free and happy to live and breath with ZoFA. “ [Elina Dobele]

“Fashion! Turn to the left
Fashion! Turn to the right
Oooh, fashion!
We are the gun squad and we’re coming to town
Beep-beep.” [Galvanic Elephants]

“Fashion is an art. The art of expressing your inner-self.” [Guntra Lipska]