Tallinn / September 16

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fashion short film

  • Keta Gūtmane [lv]
    • Keta Gūtmane [lv]

    • Keta Gutmane is a Latvian fashion designer who has studied fashion design at the Latvian Academy of Arts. Keta’s unique and courageous designs consist of different elements that form mutually contrasting combinations. She sees garments as multifunctional products that carry implied information. High quality garments with good performance have soul and intelligence.
      Influence for this film came from our every day living space, where we spend most of the day – different interiors and different interior accessories. Within some time these favourite things start to influence people’s lives creating bizarre passionate relationships with these accessories. “Creating costumes I was inspired by this odd lust for favourite interior objects, ” adds Keta.
    • CREAK
      Premiere of the second fashion short film by Keta. A continuation to the first film which we await with baited breath…

      [film director Mārtiņš Grauds]

    • www.ketagutmane.com
  • Xenia Joost [ee]
    • Xenia Joost [ee]

    • Xenia Joost is a well-known Estonian fashion designer, currently working as Head of Design for the leading Estionian fashion brand Ivo Nikkolo, Estonian leading fashion brand, and also runs her own personal exclusive brand “Xenia Joost”. According to Xenia creation and artist can exist only if there is the viewer, if there is a person who sees and appreciates the artist. It is like a constant cooperation between the spectator and the creator. Above all Xenia appreciates the harmony, which in her opinion represents perfection, or as she puts it herself: “A dress can wear a woman or a woman can wear a dress, but the best is the synergy and harmony between the two.”
    • Xenia Joost is also the pioneer of Estonian fashion films and her show at MOMENT is also the premier for her already third movie which carries out the mood and the aura of the whole collection. The movie is filmed on a real ship called Suur-Tõll that worked from the year 1913 till the millennium, symbolizing the time factor through the technology century. It´s featured by a woman who doesn´t have an age, but she has an attitude, she has a style and she has her own story…
    • www.xeniajoost.com