Tallinn / September 16

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Indescribable emotion, extraordinary elegance, sophisticated modesty, fashion interaction, art and music, the contrast of color and light – that is [MOMENT].

2011 marks the fifth year since event [MOMENT] was firstly presented. During these years project has grown and developed in an art experiment open to every person of the society; the event invites to explore fashion in its vast forms of expression from the perspective of artists coming from different disciplines.

With each new venture and activity [MOMENT] team wants to inspire the community, stimulate the creativity and initiate new forms of arts in the fashion design. At [MOMENT] we believe that there are numerous talents that need a supportfor a breakthrough, as well as in education to excite the sense of future artists and innovators. For this reason the recognition of emerging talents is our greatest fulfillment, which motivates us to make a positive difference in the world.